About the Page Valley Fair

A Brief History About the Page Valley Fair

(From the archives of the Page News and Courier)

Before the Page Valley Agricultural and Industrial Fair began, there was a rival fair in Luray, which was staged by a non-local company and all the proceeds left Page County. It also included ‘girlie shows’ that people were not very happy about.

To counter the other fair, the original fair committee decided to take a chance and host an event that encompassed the many things that Page County had to offer, including their agriculture and businesses. They also wanted a fair that had a family friendly feel, and that would bring people to visit Page County. After months of planning, the fair made its debut on August 7-8, 1953, with admission set at $.25!

The first fair was a two day event that took place at the field beside Luray High School (now Luray Middle School). They put up temporary barns, light poles and had bingo and other things run by local people. In addition to the outside field being used, the first floor had exhibits in the rooms and hallways. The gym had fruits, veggies, flowers and homemaker products. Pony and cart rides were featured as well as a man climbing up a ladder and jumping off and doing a back flip into a tub of water from 100 feet in the air!

The current grounds were purchased and the event was moved there in 1957. Many construction projects over the years included the livestock barn, crop exhibits and commercial building, with additional buildings added over the years. The fair became a weeklong event with rides and games, and grandstand events, including truck and tractor pulls, concerts, and the demolition derby.

Another memorable fair moment was when an airplane almost landed in the center of the ring in front of the grandstand, because he was almost out of gas and he couldn’t find the airport! He was rescued by board members, as they moved their cars to create a makeshift landing spot with their headlights.

Throughout the years, the fair has tried to maintain and build on the vision of the original committee and will continue to do so.

Page Valley Agricultural & Industrial Fair Officers and Directors – 2021

Officers 2021

President: Louise Mauck
Vice President: Stephanie Breeden
Secretary: Paula Kibler
Assistant Secretary: Deborah Somers
Treasurer: Nicky Clark & Daniel Waters
Assistant Treasurer: Wilma Knight

Directors 2021

Luray District
Jerry Dinges
David Foltz
Elvena Price
Fred Foley

Marksville District
Ralph Janes
Louise Mauck
Rachel Burner

Springfield District
Wilma Knight
Tony Hedrick
Joyce Burner
Delores Gochenour

Shenandoah Iron Works District
Ronnie Painter
Neekie Printz
Dale Karnes
William Turner

Directors at Large

Page Wood
Ricky Judd
Darrell Hulver
Nicky Clark
Stephanie Breeden
Joe Huffman
Rex Sours
Deborah Somers
Leroy Lancaster
Robert Mims
Daniel Waters
Kevin Cubbage
Christa Burns
David Dean

Associate Members

Linda Lang
Paula Kibler
Cindy Sours
Linda Abbott-Mowery
Josh Wood
Jerry Dinges
Fred Foley
Joey Karnes
Joshua Parlett
Grayson Markowitz
Elisabeth Alger
Katie Rines


  • Ground Space Rental – Leroy Lancaster – 540-743-4707 or 540-743-5072
  • Commercial, Machinery, Arena Booth Rental – Dale Karnes – 540-421-4424 OR 540-652-3354
  • Beauty & Baby Contest – Sara Elizabeth Brown – pvfpageant@gmail.com
  • Homemakers Department – Neekie Printz – 540-652-3319
  • 4-H Advisor – Vacant – 540-778-5794
  • Entertainment Chairman – Page Wood – 540-742-2521
  • Horse Show Chairman – Frankie Keyser, Jr. – 540-743-5860
  • Livestock Barn Chairman – David Foltz – 540-843-4423
  • Catalog Chairman – Cindy Sours  – 540-742-1390

Rides, Games, Concessions

  • TBA

Food Concessions

  • 4-H Food Booth: Chicken Rings, French Fries (with Cheese and Chili available ), Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Hot Dogs (with Cheese and Chili available), Milkshakes – Chocolate & Vanilla, Nacho’s with Cheese and Chili, Ribeye Steak Sandwich, and Pepsi Products
  • Luray Ruritan Club: Barbeque Chicken
  • Luray Fire Department: Pork B B Q, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers / Cheeseburgers, Fries, Fried Oreos, Homemade Sweet Tea, and Hand Dipped Ice Cream
  • Shenandoah Fire Department: Ham Sandwiches, French Fries